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Host Home Program: Roof A Youth offers short term housing (generally 6 months or less) through our Host Home Program. During our first year our Host Home program seeks to house 10 youth in the home of a qualified host. The purpose of this program is to provide a safe, temporary and welcoming place to stay to give the youth time to repair kinship with family or construct a sustainable path for their life. 

R.O.O.F for a Day Campaign: R.O.O.F. stands for Removing Our Own Fears. This program includes street outreach activities to humanize homelessness among community leaders and residents. Faith-based organizations and neighborhood community centers are recruited to host events and disseminate information about how to service the homeless, to minimize negative perceptions about people living the homeless experience. These organizations are encouraged to open their doors one day out of the year to shelter and feed unaccompanied youth through our R.O.O.F for a Day Campaign program. Our street outreach is accomplished through a series of public forums where we go out into the community to speak about the issue of homelessness.

M.E. (Music Escape) Festival: The M.E. Festival is a community event that is free and open to the public. This program introduces the community to housing and homeless services available to youth. This program is essential for recruiting hosts for the Roof A Youth Host Home Program. 

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